Stokes Bay

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Stokes Bay is a coastal community situated adjacent to Lathami Conservation Park in the middle of the north coast of Kangaroo Island. The island’s most populous town, Kingscote, is about an hour’s drive southeast of Stokes Bay along the Playford Highway. The secluded beach at Stokes Bay, located on Kangaroo Island’s serene north coast, is protected from the pounding surf by a giant pool surrounded by rocks. The tranquil location of Stokes Bay makes the community a popular place for holiday cottages and campgrounds. The local campground contains a café open between October and May, a picnic area, and barbecue facilities.

More than 150 different flowers and plants native to Kangaroo Island grow alongside 750 more plant species at the Stokes Bay Bush Garden. The seasonal native orchids are especially beautiful. Stokes Bay also boasts more than its fair share of rare animals which visitors are encouraged to pet and touch at an animal sanctuary called Paul’s Place. This Australian wildlife refuge contains enclosures visitors can walk through as they listen to educational speeches about the animals. The nearby Rare Breeds Farm rescues and shelters rare domesticated farm animals.

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