Rockpool Landscapes

Rockpool Landscapes Narooma, NSW I have been on many beaches in my time, but never have I seen such lush green vegetation in rockpools. The beaches along the southern coast of NSW are all so pristine, perhaps that is why such lush vegetation exists, but whatever the reason, it made for some great images and […]

Port Fairy Sunset

Port Fairy Sunset Great Ocean Road, Victoria Port Fairy is in the state of Victoria and is situated on the southern coast of Australia, along the Great Ocean Road. It features one of the most spectacular beaches you will ever see, that seems to stretch on forever, as do the beautiful slow sunsets in the […]

Sydney By Night

Sydney By Night Sydney, NSW Sydney is an amazing city, built around an amazing harbour. Over two nights a photographer mate and I spent a number of hours trying to capture it’s beauty. I used very low ISO settings of 50-64 ISO, and very long exposures, hence the smooth looking water, low noise and rich […]

Australian Lorikeet

Australian Lorikeet Narooma, NSW The Australia Lorikeets are in great abundance on the east coast, even in the big cities and towns. They are cheeky as hell and always after a great feed. This little guy was visiting us everyday of our south coast holiday, which gave me a great opportunity to take some pics […]

National Museum Canberra

National Museum

National Museum Canberra Canberra, ACT Having visited Canberra on many occasions, myself and a few mates decided to tackle the difficult task of capturing the nations museum at night. It is an unusual building to say the least, and at night it lights up with a rainbow of colours, but it is not as easy […]

Sea Cliff Bridge

Sea Cliff Bridge Clifton, NSW The Sea Cliff Bridge has been used in many Australian TV commercials since it was built, and it is a fairly spectacular sight when heading out of Sydney to the southern coast. Parking is available at the south end of the bridge, allowing you to easily walk back across the […]

Colours Of The Outback

Colours Of The Outback Northern Territory, Australia An opportunity came up to join a photographer mate in Alice Springs, for a drive back to Sydney, so I flew out to meet him in Alice Springs. We spent the next week driving back to Sydney via Adelaide and the Great Ocean Road. The thing that has […]

Lizards of Australia

Lizards of Australia National Botanic Gardens, ACT The Australian National Botanic Gardens in ACT, offers a great opportunity to get up close with some of Australia’s Lizards, hundreds of them in fact. I wouldn’t say they are approachable, you can get reasonably close but you will still need a long lens. I used a 70-200mm […]

Kangaroo Island Sunrise

Kangaroo Island Sunrise Kangaroo Island, South Australia Things happen for a reason in life, and on the morning of January 4, 2016, I woke early for a bathroom visit and as I walked out of the bedroom to the hall way, this amazing sunrise hit me. I quickly grabbed the camera and tripod, set it […]

Australian Flowers

Australian Flowers National Botanic Gardens, ACT The National Botanic Gardens in Canberra is one of my favourite places to photograph. It offers a wealth of flowers, birds and lizards to keep you snapping all day. The images here were shot across two separate visits using the brilliant Sony 90mm Macro Lens. Photographed using a Sony […]