About Me

A Little History

I have spent my life involved with colour and photography...

Photography started as a hobby I fell in and out of my entire life, but for the past decade and a half I have found myself getting more and more involved with the art, mainly through my work. As such I have done many product shoots for various companies, from restaurants through to festivals. With formal training in colour reproduction for the graphic arts, my career took me towards a life of colour calibration for high end scanners and printers, and ultimately to teaching colour to those involved in high end digital printing.

I have spent my life involved with colour and photography, with my formal training in colour reproduction, calibration and education. Today I build websites for a living, but am frequently asked to do product shots for those same clients, as well as shooting for the pure pleasure of photography. To date I have shot everything from product photography for restaurant food, hi-fi and components, through to festivals, modelling, resorts, cars and bands.

The Gear I Use

I started in the 2000s with a full Nikon D70 system and several Nikon and Sigma lenses. The moment the Canon 5D MkII came out with it’s extraordinary video capabilities, I made the switch to Canon. When Sony announced the A7R, I knew it was for me and purchased the A7R along with the few lenses available upon release. I have since upgraded to the far superior Sony A7R MkII and sold a few lenses to afford a couple of G Master lenses. A Sony A7R MkIV is most definitely in my future!

I also use Phase One Capture One for all of my image processing needs. After many years with Adobe Lightroom I grew tired of it’s slow performance. I have bought and tried most of the other options out there such as DXO Photo Lab which I liked a lot, and it still is the king for noise reduction in high ISO images with Prime doing an amazing job of cleaning up those images. I also bought On1 Photo RAW but found it too clunky and buggy, perhaps it has improved by now but I settled on Capture One because of it’s superior image quality.